Sarah Elek Receives Director’s Award from Board of Mental Health

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Sarah Elek Receives Director’s Award from Board of Mental Health

On June 23, 2016, Charles Neff, Executive Director of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH), presented the Director’s Award to Sarah Elek in recognition of exceptional service to the local mental health network.

For two years, Elek has served as an Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT) Therapist at Applewood Centers. In working with families, she has shown a talent for collaboration, working with other people and entities to help her clients stay safe and well in the community, increase their functioning, or reduce their mental health symptoms. She has collaborated with school staff, Lorain County Children Services, Juvenile Court, therapists from other agencies, her co-workers, and her supervisor.

Her supporters describe her as “the ultimate advocate for her clients and has a true heart for social work.”

One co-worker who recently left the agency wrote about Elek in a letter, stating: “Since my first day at Applewood she has been extremely helpful in voluntarily training and supporting me, as well as other interns and new employees.”

“Though the number of clients and families with complex needs can be overwhelming at times, Sarah continues to use her collaboration skills and her deep desire to help as a way to keep moving forward with high-need families,” says Neff.

Members of Elek’s family, colleagues from Applewood and other agencies, and staff and members of the Board of Mental Health joined together to congratulate Elek on her achievement at the June Board Meeting.

The Director’s Award was established to acknowledge outstanding efforts in recovery, education, and public awareness for the Lorain County mental health network, and is granted by the Executive Director of the LCBMH on a periodic basis. To learn about this and other award and recognition opportunities within the Lorain County mental health network, visit


Photo: Sarah Elek (center) is joined by colleagues and family members outside of the Amy Levin Conference and Learning Center, after Elek received the Director’s Award.

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