Helpful Information For Parents

Things you can do to support the children or teens in your life:


Discover if your teenage child is depressed or anxious. Take our quick online quiz!


Find an agency that serves the mental health needs of children and/or teens in our Services Directory.  Or, if you want personalized help finding the mental health resources you need, call the Navigator. Lorain County has a new way to connect residents to the right mental health service the first time, while assisting potential clients to overcome obstacles to care. The Lorain County Navigator can help you. 440.240.7025.

If you or a family member are experiencing a mental health crisis, call 800.888.6161.


Register for the next Mental Health First Aid for Youth training. It is completely free, and gives you the skills to recognize a child’s need and support them.  View Training Opportunities!


Learn more about mental illness.