The Amy Levin Fund

Amy H. Levin

Executive Director 1997-2002

Served mental health needs of Lorain County residents for over 27 years. Led efforts to adopt clinical best practices throughout the Mental Health Network. Devoted to children, she initiated efforts to enhance mental health services to children that resulted in the expansion of school-based services, creation of the Juvenile Offenders Project, Family Stability Program and Multi-Systematic Therapy.

When Amy Levin retired as Executive Director of the Board of Mental Health, a fund was established with the Community Foundation in her honor. During her tenure as Director, two of the things that Amy was most passionate about were improving the quality of mental health services for children and adolescents and having a system of care that implemented models demonstrated to benefit the consumers and families served. The Amy Fund provides an opportunity to combine the two passions and expand the legacy of excellence in treatment for children and youth.

The fund can be used for either of two purposes:

  1.  To implement a best or promising practice model that will benefit the children of Lorain County.
  2.  To conduct research demonstrating the effectiveness of approaches that, by consensus of peers, are considered to be a promising practice.

With these priorities in mind, each year that the funds allow, LCMHB opens a request for proposals, inviting clinical agencies within the network to submit proposals. A subcommittee of the Board determines which proposal(s) will be funded. The requests for proposal are typically released in the Spring if the amount of funding is sufficient

For an Application Form, contact Patrice McKinney at [email protected].


The Slanina Fund

Please note: This fund is on hold for 2017-2018 to allow growth of funds.

Frederick P. Slanina

Executive Director 1977-1997

Developed a community support system for adults with severe mental disabilities, including creation of a 24-hour crisis program, case management and housing. Increased services for children, including case management and wraparound services. Established Lorain County as a state leader in the use of information technology. Expanded services and provider network with increased support from approval of a new mental health levy.


In 1996, the Lorain County Board of Mental Health and the Mental Health Network agencies identified the need to support staff development within the Network.  Ten agency Executive Directors presented a signed request to the Lorain County Board of Mental Health.  This request put into motion the Frederick P. Slanina Foundation Fund, named after the Board of Mental Health’s Executive Director who was retiring after 30 years of service.  At their February 20, 1997, meeting, the Board of Directors of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health adopted a resolution to officially establish the fund. Listed below are the fund’s priorities as determined in 1998, and attached are guidelines for individual applicants and for joint workshops.



Please note: This fund is on hold for 2017-2018 to allow growth of funds. If you have questions, please contact Patrice McKinney at [email protected].