Client Rights

Your Rights as a Client

You have the right to:

• Be informed of all client rights.
• Be informed of your condition.
• Know the cost of services.
• Exercise your rights without reprisal.
• Be treated with consideration and respect for personal dignity, autonomy, and privacy.
• Receive services in the least restrictive environment.
• Be informed of proposed services, treatment or therapies and alternatives.
• Give consent or to refuse any service, treatment or therapy.
• Participate in the development, review and revision of your treatment plan.
• Freedom from unnecessary or excessive medication.
• Freedom from unnecessary physical restraint or seclusion.
• Receive a copy of you individualized treatment plan.
• Not be discriminated against for receiving services on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, handicap or developmental disability.
• Have access to your client record in accordance with program procedures.
• Consult with an independent treatment specialist or legal counsel at your own expense.
• File a grievance in accordance with program procedures.
• Have oral and written instructions concerning the procedure for filing a grievance. (Each agency will give you a copy of its client rights policy and grievance procedures.)

Grievance Process

What to do when you are unhappy with services:

• Talk it over with your counselor, therapist, case manager or other professional. Sometimes problems can easily be resolved through communication.
• Talk with the professional’s supervisor.
• Talk with the agency’s Clients Rights Officer. If the problem is still not resolved, this person can assist you in taking appropriate action.
• Call the Lorain County Board of Mental Health’s Clients Rights Officer at 440.233.2020 or 440.324.2020.
• You always have the option of calling the Clients Rights Officer at the Ohio Department of Mental Health at 614.466.2333.

Client Release of Information Form  (*Disclaimer: the form must be printed as a 2-sided copy)

Clients Rights Grievance Policy & Procedure – English

Client’s Rights Grievance Policy & Procedure – Spanish

HIPAA Privacy Notice