The Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH) plans, funds, and monitors a comprehensive system of quality, public mental health services that enhance the health and well-being of the people of Lorain County. A citizen board of 18 community members determines which services are to be provided and funded based upon state requirements and community needs. The board members also monitor and evaluate delivery of those services. Private, not-for-profit, and independent community agencies are contracted by the Lorain County Board of Mental Health to provide an array of mental health services. Services include counseling, prevention, consultation, peer support, community support, crisis intervention, housing development and management, and vocational employment support.

Our Staff


Dr. Kathleen Kern

Executive Director



Administrative Team

Patrice McKinney

Manager Human Resources & Special Projects

440.233.2020, ext. 4222

440.787.2070 (direct line)

Vinaida Reyna


440.233.2020, ext. 4225

Clare Rosser

Manager of Communications & Marketing

440.233.2020, ext. 4227

440.787.2071 (direct line)


Clinical Team

Blanche Dortch

Director of Community Services

440.233.2020, ext. 4238

440.787.2073 (direct line)

Holly Cundiff

Forensic & Special Projects Coordinator

440.233.2020, ext. 4232

440.787.2123 (direct line)

Heather Distin

Intersystem Program Director

440.233.2020, ext. 4231

440.787.2072 (direct line)


Elizabeth Wolanski

Director of Child and Adolescent Services

440.233.2020, ext. 4236

Operations Team

Joseph C. Carver

Director of Business Operations

440.233.2020, ext. 4233

440.787.2075 (direct line)

Rhonda Heginbotham

Fiscal Coordinator

440.233.2020, ext. 4237

440.787.2074 (direct line)

Jeanette Hinkle

Operations Specialist

440.233.2020, ext. 4221

440.787.2077 (direct line)


24/7 Crisis/Information Hotline: 1-800-888-6161

Non-Emergency Navigator: 440-240-7025