Behavioral Health Toolkit: FREE for Educators in Lorain County

FREE for Educators in Lorain County

Info & resources to protect your students from suicide and drug-related tragedies


If you work within a preschool, elementary school, middle or high school, with any age child, access our  Helpful Information for Schools page to learn:

How to Make a Referral
How to Access Free Trainings and Publications, including:

  • Mental Health First Aid for Youth
  • Psychological First Aid Guide
  • Helping Youth after a Community Trauma: Tips for Educators
  • Suicide Postvention
  • and more


If you work with middle- and high-school youth, the Behavioral Health Toolkit was designed for you.



toolkitcoverFor Lorain County Schools

Students in Lorain County have spoken. We know that they are at high risk for depression and substance abuse. We also understand that when schools plan for the behavioral health needs of their students, students succeed academically, and the risk of suicide and substance abuse can be reduced.

Includes information to help you assess your school’s readiness for averting a behavioral health crisis.

This toolkit includes information on:

Effective behavioral health policy

Professional Development

Student Education Programs

Resources for parents and students


This toolkit was designed to provide information to educators and administrators regarding the best practices and policies that can help Lorain County Middle and High Schools to reduce risk of student suicide or substance abuse among students. In addition to providing information about what schools need in order to better prepare, the toolkit includes information about resources that exist right now in Lorain County to assist schools in improving school readiness.

This toolkit was created through a collaborative effort of Lorain County Partners including: Lorain County Board of Mental Health, Lorain County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Board, Lorain General Health District, Elyria City Health Department, with assistance from staff from the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake, Vermilion, and Amherst School Districts.