Board of Mental Health Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Allocations

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June 8, 2016
“Kids will be OK”: Board of Mental Health relocates essential youth programs after Beech Brook closures
June 29, 2016
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Board of Mental Health Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Allocations

The Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH) approved budget allocations for State Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017) at their May 26, 2016, full board meeting.

The Board invests in services and programs that support residents with mental illness and the promotion of community health and well-being, including case management, crisis services, counseling, medication, residential services, early childhood mental health, assessments, prevention, and other mental health services.

Agency/Category: Allocation Amount 

Ambulance Service: $49,000
Applewood: $416,594
Adult Respite: $12,000
Bellefaire JCB: $314,490
Big Brothers/Big Sisters: $60,000
Catholic Charities: $167,471
CSP Outcomes: $275,000
Director’s Patient Care: $20,000
El Centro: $291,338
Far West: $144,000
Firelands: $848,028
Gathering Hope House: $483,994
Inpatient – Uninsured Adults: $300,000
Inpatient – Uninsured Youth: $35,000
Internship/Recruitment: $24,000
ISP Contribution: $300,000
Lucy Idol Center: $105,000
Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (Volunteer Guardianship Program): $27,000
NAMI of Lorain County: $68,214
New Sunrise Properties: $254,900
Nord Center: $6,918,746
OhioGuidestone: $483,281
Pathways Counseling: $40,250
Psychiatry Incentive: $150,000
Justice Research and Advocacy, Inc.: $19,000
Safe Harbor: $139,088
Service Expansion Pool: $569,716
Transportation 2nd to 4th Qtr.: $54,000
Youth-Led Suicide Prevention: $30,000
Wraparound – Adult: $40,000
Wraparound – Youth: $50,000


The work of LCBMH and the Lorain County mental health network primarily is supported by local funding through the mental health levy. The LCBMH is the local agency that plans, funds, monitors and evaluates a system of services for residents with mental illness in Lorain County.

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