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March 7, 2018

Join us for Safety Workshop: Keep Kids Safe!

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January 10, 2018

How to “decode” suicidal communications

QPR suicide prevention training now offered | free The Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH) is expanding its suicide prevention training options to include QPR.…
December 19, 2017

How to Emerge from a Job Loss in Great Mental Shape

No one chooses to lose a job. When the unexpected happens, the stress can prompt any number of negative emotions, from anger to depression. But here’s…

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    Lorain County has a proud history of supporting mental health through implementing the most current practices while maintaining the highest fiscal standards thus providing a critical safety net for families in crisis.
    We strongly support local funding for mental health services through the Lorain County Board of Mental Health. Maintaining the services provided in Lorain County is critical to the health and well-being of local residents, particularly as the need for these services continues to rise. The Mental Health & Addiction Advocacy Coalition has 125 member organizations across the state of Ohio, 76 of which are located in Northeast Ohio.
    It truly 'takes a village' and mental health agencies are a huge part of our village within the schools. At times, the need is overwhelming and the crises are many. However, with the support of our mental health agency, I have been able to refer students and families that need more intensive services and have been able to collaborate and work very closely with the therapists to address anything from grief to anger to anxiety and so on. It is when we address the mental health needs of students that we will begin to see change in our schools and it is then and only then, that our schools will be a kinder and safer place for our children.
    Catholic Charities Corporation is proud to say, ‘Yes, we support helping families in crisis! We support Issue 4!’ The support of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health has played a critical role in providing youth mentoring and support services as we assist our clients in overcoming their individual struggles, barriers, and challenges.
    The Board’s important work supporting the mental health network of this community helps to ensure access to needed care and services for our most vulnerable community members. The board has always demonstrated the highest commitment to children, youth and families in need of mental health care and their continued ability to do so improves the lives of Lorain county citizens at a time when the need to do so couldn’t be higher.
    The Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH) has empowered the schools to help our youth end social isolation by funding the You Belong grant at our middle school. They have provided funds over the last three years to help us provide activities to encourage all students to feel like they belong at our school! We have seen a growth in the number of students caring for each other and reporting to adults when they are worried about friends who may be depressed and/or thinking of hurting themselves.
    Services funded by the 5-year renewal levy keep vital mental health programs for children, families and older adults in Lorain County accessible and affordable. Lorain County Community Action Agency says 'Yes, we support helping families in crisis!' And, we support Issue 4!
    It's a wonderful, very supportive Board. They accomplish a lot. They are behind us, the clients, 100%. They are behind the staff at the different agencies. I think they do a tremendous job.
    Holly is a client who became a Peer Supporter employed by mental health agencies to help others
    We at JD Indoor Comfort, Inc., would like to fully endorse Issue 4 and the great work that the Lorain County Board of Mental Health does for our local families. Please, take the time to Vote Yes for 4 and renew this much needed levy. Our local families need your help.
    Stepping Up supports Issue 4 to continue and strengthen the partnership between the mental health and the criminal justice system and to focus the work of these systems in a county-wide effort to enhance services for the severely mentally ill of Lorain County.
    For years the Lorain County Board of Mental Health has effectively served the communities and schools in our county through many direct services and resources that help meet the mental health needs of our families. With the growing needs and issues facing our families and youth, a continued partnership with the agency is essential to helping students and families manage the difficulties and challenges that may arise.
    Voting for Issue #4 on May 8 is an investment in the well-being of our entire community. So many of our most vulnerable children, families, adults and seniors rely on the county's mental health safety net of support and care. The Mental Health Services Levy is critical to sustaining our essential services in the face of mounting needs.
    The Board of Mental Health is a vital partner to our county's 14 school districts, offering treatment and prevention programs that support many of our students. Vote yes for Issue 4 on May 8!
  •   United Way of Greater Lorain County endorses Issue #4, the renewal levy for Lorain County Board of Mental Health. The good work of our outstanding Board of Mental Health extends far beyond the essential mental health network it supports. We are proud to have Dr. Kathleen Kern and other key staff involved in our community collaboratives, supporting better lives for all of Lorain County through collective impact in health, education and financial stability.
    Having the support of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health (LCBMH) has been a huge benefit and asset for our schools; and the LCBMH has always done a great job supporting and helping Wellington High School in our time of need. I am not quite sure how we would have gotten through some of the tough times we have experienced without the LCBMH. I am so grateful for everything the LCBMH has done for me and my students!
    Having community mental health services, like what Issue 4 provides, makes the entire medical and healthcare system better. As a physician and medical doctor, I support Issue 4.
    I completely stand behind supporting the community and their mental health. Issue 4 will not raise taxes. But it will help families in crisis. Vote for 4.
    Kenneth A. De Luca Ph.D.
  • Just by people getting help, that doesn’t make you weak. I think, ‘I can’t deal with my problems, that makes me a weak man.’ But I stepped outside of myself to look at my problems, and got help. Now, I’m fine. I love my life. It can make you stronger by getting help.

  • Mental illness doesn’t have a cover. There’s not a set picture for it.

  • You can get through it. Focus on the positive. Find that one positive thing to focus on, even with so much negative around it.

  • We are opening and continuing conversations about suicide prevention and other essential resources for residents of Lorain County.

    Traci Shed
  • If I can help one person, I’ve met my life goal. And I’ve done it again and again and again.

  • There’s nothing wrong with you. You just take a little medicine. Everybody does that from time to time.

    Otto & Denise, celebrating 8 years of marriage after meeting at Gathering Hope House